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  • “Joe was on our client side in Noble when Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard started to build Ultra Deep Water Drillship. Joe showed well organized and experienced document controlling skill as well as leadership both for operator and ship yard in achieving same goal. Joe always tried to find reasonable solution whenever we meet kinds of challenge rather than push blindly. Joe contributed considerably in success on Noble and HHI’s  all 4 projects… which still have world records in building drillship. I’m sure Joe will make another success in his new world.”
    Simon (Young Chul) Lee - General Manager Drilling Equipment Section,HHI Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • “Joe was indeed a pleasure to work with on a new Gen 6 Drillship in Korea. We worked together for 1-1/2 years. He is very knowledgeable at his job and a professional all the way. He was very thorough in all of his work. He collected all of the documents for testing, commissioning, and up to acceptance. Mr West was always a pleasure to work with, always pleasant and cordial but he was always professional at his work. Joe west is an asset on any job he goes on.”
    Bobby Humphries - RMS Rig Maintenance Supervisor, 6th Gen Ultra Deep Water Drill Ship
  • “Ten years ago, Noble embarked on a journey to build a fleet of high spec drilling assets. Noble assembled a team to support the shipyard with producing the highest quality product. A large part of that quality product was developing a system to document the construction process and to retain that information in a usable format. Noble employed the services of Joe West as the Manager of Nobles Document Control System. Joe built and implemented the system from ground up. Joe’s leadership and dedication to quality paid dividends as the various rigs left the shipyard and started to drill. In the business of offshore drilling, capital investments are large, providing the customer with a fit for purpose asset gives Noble a competitive advantage. Joe West significantly contributed to the success of the Noble new build program.”
    Scott Marks - Sr. VP of Engineering and Projects, Noble Drilling
  • “I have had the pleasure of working closely with Joe on large scale, complex shipyard projects. He has the drive and “Can Do” attitude that is seldom seen in today’s work place. Joe’s integrity and professionalism in performing his duties is unwavering. For a ‘land lubber’ his understanding and ability to work offshore with our crew in an operational environment is unrivalled, and the set he provided the rig was the best we have ever seen – all the manuals, as-builts, certificates were well indexed and easy to access, which contributed towards improved performance and reduced downtime. I would refer his services with the highest recommendation.”
    Billy Smart - RMS – Rig Maintenance Supervisor, 6th Gen Ultra Deep Water Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig
  • “I was Chief Engineer/Construction Supt and Joe our QM and Document Controller on a new-build construction project, Sapura 3000 DP2 pipe lay heavylift ship at Sembawang Shipyard. It featured the world’s largest (at the time) offshore 3000 ton Huisman mast crane. Joe coordinated and managed literally hundreds of daily site inspections, commissioning documentation and closure of the shipyard punch items. As the project drew closer to delivery Joe’s scope expanded to include managing the final documentation  sets for the ship and head office which was a mammoth task and one he excelled at. The documentation set onboard served us very well and was accompanied by a robust and reliable online database. My Colleagues onboard S3000 acknowledge that the documentation he set us up with is still in daily use today and has lasted the test of time exceedingly well. Joe was a pleasure to work with, proficient in all his undertakings and not only do I highly recommend his services, on a personal note I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.”
    Stephen Carson - Construction/Commissioning Manager, Transocean
  • “Joe West was brought onto the Petrodrill projects owners team following the contracting shipyard’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy to recover and rebuild the technical documentation for two DP3 semi-submersible drilling rigs. Out of many hundreds of boxes of disorganized, incomplete and unstructured documents Joe built a comprehensive set of documentation that supported the rig through completions, commissioning and on to going into operations. I have also since worked with Joe on the Sapura3000 project where his daily status updates on punch items, certification and documentation were invaluable in driving the shipyard towards completing a challenging shipyard project. Joe has a good understanding of all forms of oil and gas data and documentation, the associated systems, procedures and processes. He got on well with everyone on the owners team, shipyard and client and I recommend his support service without hesitation.”
    Peter Hickson - PHI Associates
  • “I have known Joe West for several years now and know his work first hand. Joe and I were involved with the acquisition of an offshore drilling contractor during the construction of a new drillship. Joe inherited a documentation set that was incomplete and disorganized. Not only did he manage to turn what was a mess into a 1st rate set of documents he also educated and worked closely with our drilling package supplier on their manuals, drawings and certification to deliver documentation that was nothing short of superb. In my 22 year career I have worked on many vessels with many companies, I can honestly say that Joe provided the best system I have ever worked with. It was very organized and very user friendly. I would recommend Joe’s services to anyone.”
    Scott Fitzgerald - Field Operations Manager, Zadok Technologies
  • “Joe West was my colleague on the NJD and NDA projects, Bingo class DP3 ultra deep water semi-submersibles, which were at the time the world’s largest self-propelled drilling rigs. Joe ran the document control departments for both projects and also managed all the vendor support personnel, critical path material and the damaged equipment punchlists. Joe’s ability to organize and manage multiple teams and workscopes within a fast paced and dynamic project environment was extremely impressive. No matter what, Joe always got the job done properly, safely, on schedule.”
    Scott Hamilton - General manager - Technical Superintendent, Maesrk Drilling

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