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Why QuantumDocx?




QuantumDocx brings two decades of data and documentation control experience to a support service that provides client focused and targeted solutions. We keep it simple and we deliver. On schedule and within budget.



The Technical Library should be…

  • 100% Complete
  • 100% Accurate
  • 100% Fit for purpose
  • Quick and easy to access
  • Simple to maintain

If your Technical Library does not fully meet the above critieria then there is a significantly increased risk of your asset / organization failing to meet contract and regulatory requirements which will ultimately affect the performance of your enterprise.

QuantumDocx has extensive experience with supporting Records Management and Archiving. We can work to a retention code that you provide or using our knowledge and understanding of records management compliance requirements we can help specify for you as part of the service. We can turn records from an entire office building or decommissioned asset into an optimized and well organized set – ready to access quickly if required and also ready for destruction according to the retention code plan.

Equipment Operation and Maintenance Manuals form the backbone of the Preventative Maintenance System. Any information gaps or inconsistencies will have a negative impact on your enterprise’s ability to keep the asset safely running at optimum performance. QuantumDocx will quickly review your Manuals sets (both hard copy and soft copy) against the equipment list / maintenance system report and close out gaps to provide you with 100% complete and fit for purpose documentation.

The Asset Databooks (MRB Manufacturing Record Boooks ) document equipment quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). The risk of gaps and errors in the Asset databooks increases significantly further away from delivery / handover date as equipment is changed, repaired and recertified. QuantumDocx will quickly review your Databook sets (both hard copy and soft copy) and close out gaps to provide you with 100% complete and fit for purpose documentation.

If you are a vendor or contractor we can assist or take full ownership of liaising with your client on documentation related matters If you are the Asset owner we can assist or take full ownership of ensuring timely and full delivery of the documentation set, or we can expedite overdue, incomplete or non-compliant documentation. If you have a data and documentation related problem and no one else can solve it please contact us and we will get it sorted.

An accurate and complete set of As-Builts is not only required as per regulations, it is also a vital as part of the Asset information set. QuantumDocx can work with you to identify the most critical drawings and documents and will then perform on-site verification, taking notes from the operations team, the maintenance team, and any other historical information that may impact the accuracy of the drawing set – for example open MOC’s (Management of Change), ongoing repairs or upgrades.

QuantumDocx has extensive experience with creating and auditing / completing specific registers necessary for Asset operational integrity. We are able to provide Survey and Register support services to comply with specific codes and standards depending on geographical location and contract requirements.

  • Comprehensive Lifting Appliances and Rigging Register
  • Hazardous Area Equipment & Certification Register
  • PRV Pressure Relief Valves (Also known as PSV Pressure Safety Valves)
  • Certification Register
  • DROPS Prevention / Dropped Objects Survey Register and Close Out Verification Report
  • High Pressure Equipment & Certification Register
  • Subsea / Well Control Certification Register

Typically these registers require completing after handover and delivery and can be the cause of schedule delay before the Asset commences operations. QuantumDocx is proud to have contributed towards shipyard delivery with full and complete set of registers, including the US required Certificate of Compliance to BSSE 30.CFR.250 for well control equipment, which led to flawless deliveries in record breaking time from contract signature to going onhire.

The highest level of certification required for the Asset to go into Operations is rarely organized into one comprehensive register during the project phase. This inevitably leads to gaps and errors during the later stage of the project at a time when the owner can least afford this high level risk. QuantumDocx has extensive experience of working with the shipyard, contractors, client, classification societies, flag state and coastal authorities to compile and issue a full and complete register of every single certificate and document required for a flawless delivery and start up.

QuantumDocx can manage and execute your project documentation throught all phases from Conceptual and FEED, through Detailed Engineering, EPCM, Commissioning, Red-Lining and As-Building and on towards Operational. Of course the documentation story does not end there…. The Documentation set is a live and dynamic set of information that QuantumDocx can support with keeping acccurate and fit for Purpose at any stage required.

This ties into the Technical Library which should contain most if not all of the DFO Documentation For Operations information. Depending upon the nature of your business enterprise, the geographical location, the regulatory requirements and the contract there may be specific codes to be implemented and ensured. For example Norsok Z-013 Code for Documentation For Operations.

Managing the movement of large scale multiple data and documentation sets around the globe is a complex and challenging task that QuantumDocx can support your team with or execute entirely on your behalf.

If your Asset is facing a period of time off-line QuantumDocx can help index and record all documentation and status – either to address and complete at the same time or to help speed up the process of going back on-line when required.

There are many different elements to Compliance that QuantumDocx can provide support with:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Contract Compliance
  • Information Management Compliance
  • Records Management Compliance

QuantumDocx has extensive experience in the field of Technical Writing of Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Plans, Procedures, Training, Familiarization Pamphlets, Safety Inductions, Presentations, Work Instructions etc. We can use a template provided by you or we can provide a template for a complete turn-key set of documentation. If you are a Vendor or Contractor with a single piece of equipment or a system package we can help support you to ensure that your company maintains the very best reputation for good quality documentation. If you are contracted to deliver a new Asset QuantumDocx can work with you to ensure that your entire delivery documentation set is ranked amongst the best in the world. No matter what your scope is QuantumDocx can help your reputation for providing the very best documentation. People remember and value this long into the future. It is a good investent in your reputation, your asset, your business purpose and your compliance.

QuantumDocx can fully review any contract to:

  • Identify gaps, inconsistiencies and risks
  • Create guides, process flow charts, procedures and training to ensure all stakeholders are alligned on contract deliverables and requirements
  • Define lists of deliverables, the schedule, quantities, format, review and approval process, and if necessary the actual document Control system itself
  • Define lists of class / flag state / coastal authority certificates

Typically documentation requirements are not properly defined at contract signature because other seemingly more significant elements take precedence at the time. As the project draws towards completion and delivery this oversight can have negative effects on the documentation deliverables to the client. Involve QuantumDocx to ensure that your documentation requirements are adequately recorded. Our contract review services are not restricted to documentation only – we can review the entire contract document for any purpose whatsoever. In the past we have helped issue:

  • Contract Compliance requirements and status reports
  • Engineering deliverables
  • Project Execution Plans
  • Project Management of Change Procedures
  • Process Flow Charts
  • QAQC deliverables
  • Orders of priority between parts of the Contract that may confuse, conflict or contradict
  • Cross Comparison Charts for NCR and Punch Items
  • Completions, Commissioning and Acceptance Requirements Program


QuantumDocx can help you select a suitable Document Controller. 

We have learned through experience that the hiring and interview process does not always guarantee you the best suited candidate for your requirements. Some people can talk the talk … but maybe can’t walk the walk, and conversely some of the very best Document Controllers struggle to shine in the interview and hiring process.

We have devised a quick and simple Document Control selection and test procedure that helps confirm key Document Control key skills. This can be performed in person or remotely depending upon specific requirements.

We offer Document Control courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Depending upon your specific requirements and preference QuantumDocx can travel to you to provide training on your premises (or at nearest available facility), on your asset (onshore & offshore), or you can send your students to us for the same purpose.

A QuantumDocx training session for your team is dedicated specifically to your team, your enterprise and the specifics of your business purpose.

Whilst the very basics of good document control practise span all industries we believe a more targeted and client centred approach delivers the best results.

We are also able to:

  • Train the Trainers
  • Train your entire team / organization
  • Roll out training to support organizational MOC (Management of Change)

All of our Document Control resourcing is provided with confirmation that they have shown a clear ability to meet our performance requirements and standards. Please contact us for further information.

At QuantumDocx we believe the best way for Data and Document Control to continue to progress is through engaging people and helping them understand our profession, in helping them guage whether or not it may appeal as a possible career direction, and in giving them real world examples of how exciting and rewarding Data and Document Control can be.


ISO 9001 Certification for your business.

QuantumDocx has certified Lead Auditors and Quality Management Auditors ready to help your organization achieve the much valued ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate. The value of the ISO 9001 certification should not be under estimated. It will reduce costs, improve performance and ultimately contribute towards raising the overall value of your organization. In our experience, clients are often surprised at how close to ISO certification they actually already are with their existing processes and procedures. QuantumDocx will bring your company to ISO 9001 level with minimal disruption and cost.

QuantumDocx is able to provide a complete Turn-Key Data and Document Control System for you including all necessary procedures, numbering specification, registers, work instructions, training, roll out and implemention, follow up and ongoing DC support. We will ensure that the DC System is tailored to the size and nature of your enterprise and your specific budget, schedule requirements. From experience we have seen that all too often a consultancy is engaged to provide a service and arrives with the attitude that their contract takes precedence over the main business purpose of their client. This is unacceptable. QuantumDocx will discretely integrate with the necessary client personnel in order to get the job done without detracting from the main job at hand. We work quietly and effectively and are able to work with all walks of life and management levels.

A well planned and executed Taxonomy structure is an essential element of your overall Data and Documentation Management System. Conversely a poorly planned and executed Taxonomy will hinder and obstruct access to vital information and contribute towards reduced performance and quality. QuantumDocx can work with your organization to deliver a simple and effective taxonomy structure that works best for you.

We can help you with IT security planning and auditing. We will only work with White Hats who have documented approval and authority to test the security. For further information please contact us providing the following information.

  • Name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Nature of support required
  • Brief description of how we can support you

QuantumDocx can lead you through the whole process from registration of your website domain name to the design, development and delivery of your website. All for significantly less cost than the majority of the dedicated web design companies. We do not outsource to other countries all our work is performed and governed within Singapore.

Whether you are a SME (Small & Medium Sized Business Enterprise), a large global corporation or a multi-billion dollar mega-project spanning multiple locations QuantumDocx can provide the knowledge, experience and targeted support to meet your EDMS requirements. We can provide the following:

  • Off the shelf low cost EDMS solution that is robust and fit for purpose for most SME
  • Support with defining your EDMS business requirements and selecting the system that is right for you
  • Support with specifying and designing a bespoke EDMS system
  • Complete Turn-Key solution taking your EDMS specification and building the system, testing it, implementing it, along with all necessary technical documentation like manuals, procedures, work instructions

One thing we will not do is try and sell you a ‘wonder system’ that claims to miraculously address all of your information management challenges overnight. Any online system requires planning, knowledge management, management of change and infrastructure. All of which QuantumDocx can help support and implement.



Want to know more, speak to a member of our team or check what our partners says about us.