About Us


QuantumDocx represents a comprehensive source of data and documentation expertise that is focused on providing great value and simple effective support.

We offer a broad range of Document Control support services and solutions. With over 20 years working on civil engineering, marine, and oil & gas projects we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a targeted, fit for purpose service anywhere in the world, both onshore and offshore.

We continuously strive to provide the highest level of service to our Clients.

When working with QD you can expect consistent, simple, effective and knowledgeable support.

Our Core Values

Safety First

Safety is the absolute number one priority and is the responsibility of everyone. Good Data and Document Control plays a vital part in establishing and maintaining an organization’s strong and versatile safety culture.

No job is so important it cannot be done safely.

Document Control Professionals

The most important part of Document Control is and always shall be PEOPLE. There is no ‘wonder system’ out there and never shall be. An effective Document Control System needs commitment from the top, a trained team of users and skilled proactive Document Controller(s).

An organization’s Document Control System is only as good as the people applying and using it.

Honesty and Integrity

We talk straight, say what we do, and do what we say.

Continuous Improvement

We maintain a firm adherence to core Document Control values but we are still open to latest ideas and approaches, and the benefits they can bring.

Old dogs can and do learn new tricks.


We are committed to elevating a clearer understanding of Document Control as a profession and the governing principles and best practises that we apply.

Bring Data and Document Control to the masses!


We do not collect cookies or actively gather or share any data about you.

Privacy Protection is your right and expectation, as is ours.

Lean, Targeted & Client Focused Service

Data and Document Control is a support service and should not become the 'tail that wags the dog'.

Document Control must not grow arms and legs. It must be lean, fit for purpose and targeted.


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